Wyndham Disability Action Group
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Welcome to the WYNDAG website!

Yes, WYNDAG is a funny name but we're serious about advocating for people living with a disability – and their carers - in the Wyndham area.

Now more than ever disabled people need a voice.

Disabled people still do not receive a fair go with employment.

And, as our logo demonstrates, we like to fly the flag for anyone who needs a bit of a helping hand in dealing with the challenges and issues day-to-day life throws up.

Whether you need someone to hold your hand or speak on your behalf when dealing with local, state or federal government agencies or just someone to lend a supportive ear, WYNDAG can help!

How are we different to other disability groups out there?
We could give you a load of guff about how we know what's best for you and why you should listen to us...

...but the simple truth is that WYNDAG is a group formed to help people living with a disability...
BY people living with a disability!

Our membership of over 200 people has a practical and shared understanding of a lived experience; and membership is FREE.

This means that when we're dealing with people who need our help, we can create bonds that others can't understand.

So, if you're a disabled person or a carer living in Wyndham and would like to broaden your horizons and make some new friends, contact us...we would love to hear from you!

Who is WYNDAG?

WYNDAG is run by a committee of management and currently has over 200 members.

OK, that's the boring bit done – we're a vibrant group of disability advocates who live a shared experience!

And each of our annually-elected committee members has firsthand experience of living, or caring for someone, with a disability. Founded in the mid-1990's, WYNDAG has helped many people overcome their issues, connect with a wide network of disability services and organisations...and make some new friends! We are pleased to have a good working relationship with Wyndham City Council.

If you would like to become a member or join our committee please contact us, or check out our committee member profiles.

Christine Williams

Have lived in Wyndham over 30 years. Disabled by polio since 1951. Former credit officer; then mature-age student at Deakin Uni. Active in disability self-help movement since 1978. Enrolled Senior Soldier in The Salvation Army, Werribee Corps. Committed Christian, addicted to voluntary community service. Widowed 11 years, but still looking for another Mr Right.

Glenn Clark

Glen is a long term Wyndham resident and former Councillor. He has been advocating for the rights of the disabled since being diagnosed with a chronic health condition and becoming a wheelchair user. He brings a wealth of corporate experience and a strong sense of humour to his role as VP.

Karen Howard
Secretary/Public Officer

Karen has lived in Wyndham for over 10 years. Originally a Business Analyst she is now focusing on volunteer work and her practice as a coach and energetic bodyworker since discovering at age 40 that she was born without a spleen. Karen has a Diploma in Community Services Work, and represents WYNDAG at Council's WDSN meetings and the Volunteer Managers Network. She is also a member of the Council's community reference group for the implementation of their Accessibility Action Plan.

Juliana Vuscan

Julian is our Treasurer and keeps close guard on WYNDAG's finances. No Juliana's car did not come from WYNDAG's bank account! Juliana is passionate about preventing abuse of the Disabled Parking scheme. She is also strong about persons with disability getting all the same rights as the rest of the community. Juliana works part-time a book keeper.

Roger B. Bruhn
Committee Member

I have lived in Werribee for 20 years after shifting from Canberra, where I was involved in several community activities. The main activities revolved around three school systems and area scouting. In Werribee I was part of the Anti Toxic Dump campaign and attended the Wyndham Disability Group meetings.

What do we do?

In a nutshell, we help people with a disability living in Wyndham.

But no, unfortunately that doesn't mean we mow your lawns, cook dinner or put out the cat.
But we can hold your hand when dealing with local, state or federal government agencies, help advocate for disability services and facilities...or just listen if you want to rant, rave or cry!

We can also lend you advice based on our experiences or put you in touch with a wide range of organisations and groups in Melbourne and across the state that can help with any issue you might be facing, including DisAbility Connections (Victoria), Wyndham Mental Health Alliance, Independence Australia and the Migrant Resource Centre to name a few.

So, if you think you have something we can help with, or if you would just like to join a network of like-minded people living a shared experience in your local community, contact us today!

Membership is FREE...

Please download the Membership form below to make our WYNDAG your WYNDAG...

Membership Form (PDF)  Membership Form (DOC)

Membership to WYNDAG is free...but we gratefully accept donations!

If you, your business, or someone you know would like to support our group we would love to hear from you. We are proud to be associated with the following individuals and businesses: Complete Comfort and Potent Web.

Helpful links

Don't waste hours trawling the internet for the help you need!
WYNDAG is proud to be friends with the following disability services and networks.

  • Basecamp 3030
  • disAbilities Connections (Victoria)
  • Disabled motorists association
  • Wyndham Mental Health Alliance
  • Wyndham Communities Agencies Network
  • Women with a Disability Victoria
  • Disability Sports Victoria
  • Sailability
  • Polio network Victoria
  • Independence Australia
  • Migrant Resource Centre
  • Wyndham City Council Disability Services Network
  • Phoenix Network pnetwork43@gmail.com

We'd love to hear from you, so if you want to get in touch for any reason please write to us:
by email enquiries@wyndag.com.au or post 50 Marlborough Cres, Hoppers Crossing 3029.

Boring disclaimer bit: We are a free, self-help organisation and the help we give is based on personal experience but is no substitute for legal advice. If you think you need legal advice then please consult a lawyer.

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